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7 Reasons Why Kids Need Summer Camp!

At daycamp, healthy development is disguised in the form of FUN games and activities:

1. Active Play

Kids just want to have fun! And they need it!

Many children today don't get enough unstructured playtime where they get to build their imagination, interact with other children, and practice creativity.

2. Building Friendships and Social Skills

Children learn how to play, relate, empathize, and connect with others, skills that are essential for emotional intelligence.

3. Developing Resiliency and Confidence

Children are encouraged to go outside of their comfort zones in a safe, supervised, and supportive environment.

4. Staying Physically Active

With video games, smart phones, and iPads,

obesity rates are skyrocketing and weight problems are challenging to overcome. It's extremely important for a child's mental and physical health that they have at least one hour a day of exercise.

5. Experiencing the Natural World

Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and therefore, for learning and creativity.

6. Developing Leadership Values

A leader doesn't have to be the loudest or most active kid in the room. Leadership involves building confidence, creativity, and understanding teamwork.

7. Continuing Education in the Summer

Kids learn most effectively through PLAY - This is where fun meets education, and they get to learn much more than math and computers. Children can build on their emotional learning, such as how to manage stress and emotions.

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