Upcoming Workshops

Body image is defined as the way we perceive our physical selves, which can play a major role in how we feel, what we do, with whom we form relationships, and even the paths we choose in life.   People of all ages can suffer from a poor body image, especially since there is a great deal of pressure from the media to conform to an “ideal” (often unrealistic) body type.  This can lead to profound emotional distress, for both males and females of any age, and can even spark the development of serious psychological disorders, including eating disorders and substance abuse. Sayu offers a psychotherapeutic approach to helping individuals learn to accept their bodies and to treat body image disturbances that may be negatively affecting their happiness, lifestyle, and success.  This workshop incorporates evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques.  

Self-esteem has a major impact on our happiness and success in life, as well as our personal relationships. Self-esteem involves being confident enough to cope with life challenges, while viewing ourselves as worthy of happiness. With poor self-esteem, we may shy away from important opportunities in life, fail to reach our greatest potential, and be unable to experience the joy of success. Sayu's professionals can determine the source of low self-esteem, help to improve self-confidence, and allow you to become your “better you”. Learn how to improve your self-esteem and confidence in all areas of life, and see how doing so will allow you to prosper.

Jealousy is the fear and anxiety over an anticipated loss of a loved one, which poisons relationships.  Thoughts and feelings of insecurity, anger, inadequacy, helplessness, and disgust insidiously grow and can be emotionally crippling.  Jealousy is not a rare occurrence, and it can even be an occasional feeling, but when jealousy is ruining your or your partner’s enjoyment of love, it is time to recognize how essential it is to control it and to grow into a more mature and secure individual.  Sayu offers a psychotherapeutic approach to helping individuals learn to ways to cope with jealousy, develop a healthier self-concept, and reduce feelings of insecurity. This workshop incorporates evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques.  

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