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The Key to Long-Term Weight Loss

Taking care of your mental health is vital when it comes to achieving a healthy weight.

Our daily thoughts, emotions, and coping mechanisms are usually overlooked when we attempt to lose weight. Instead, our efforts to live a healthier lifestyle normally consist of counting calories and exercising at a gym. We spend large amounts of money on gym memberships, diet supplements, and sometimes more extreme ways to lose weight, such as surgery, without recognizing the significance of investing in our emotional health.

Although exercise and diets are surefire ways to lose pounds, weight loss can only be sustained permanently with the correct mindset.

Here are a few reasons why improving our psychological health contributes to long-term weight loss:

  • Becoming aware of underlying emotional difficulties that may be contributing to unhealthy behaviours can allow for positive change.

  • Being able to mentally cope with stress is the only the way to avoid surrendering to the temptation of salty or sweet comfort foods when feeling overwhelmed.

  • Healing from low self-esteem, insecurities, and body image concerns that fuel the desire to keep dieting will pave the way for a blooming self-image, and ultimately, happiness. We do not only want to feel good about our physical appearance, but about who we are, our value as an individual, and our abilities.

  • Applying knowledge about proper sleep hygiene, nutrition, and how to overcome daily obstacles that could impede our efforts to lose weight, can prepare individuals to combat the life-long battle of weight management.

Sayu’s Healthy Eating Program involves both psychotherapeutic and nutritional counselling in order to address both the mental and physical aspects of healthy, sustained weight loss. We do not condone gruelling diets that leave you feeling physically and emotionally deprived. Achieving a desired weight entails a balance of psychological health, nutrition and physical fitness, social support, and inner balance.

We are here to help!

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