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How to Take Control of the Day

Depression and anxiety are often misunderstood as feelings or emotions that can be "snapped out of". Although we often wish we can turn off our sadness or worries, doing so is nothing short of a challenge. Overcoming psychological difficulties takes time, support, concentrated efforts, and usually one or more forms of psychological/psychotherapeutic treatment. Part of the process includes challenging negative thinking patterns and adopting more positive ways to view situations, people, and common life stressors.

Instead of awakening in the mornings with feelings of angst about our many responsibilities, or wishing we could stay in bed for another hour, rise and take control of your day with the following positive affirmations:

1) Today will be a good day!

2) I am grateful for another day filled with new opportunities, new people to meet, and new things to learn!

3) I will do the best that I can today!

4) I have the strength to overcome the challenges that lie before me!

5) I will wake up with a smile because I have much to be thankful for!

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