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Depression is a psychological mood disorder that results in many emotional, physical, behavioural, and cognitive symptoms, which can significantly impact an individual's level of functioning.  Depression can result from one factor or a combination of many, including an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, history of trauma or abuse, hormonal changes (i. e. post-birth), difficult life events (such as divorce, loss of job, or low income), chronic illness, or substance abuse.  People with a family history of depression are also more likely to develop the condition.  "Seasonal" Depression is a form of depression that occurs in association with a loss of daylight, affecting adults during fall or winter months. Typical symptoms of depression may include sadness, loneliness, loss of interest in hobbies or previously enjoyed activities, decreased appetite or sex drive, excessive fatigue, sleep disturbances, lack of motivation, restlessness, or concentration difficulties, among others.

Depression Therapy - Initial Assessment

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  • The initial assessment is a brief, structured clinical interview that allows us to gather important information necessary to develop your treatment plan and/or offer recommendations. You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase.

    Sayu provides individualized counselling sessions with clinical registered psychologists and supervised therapists.  Treatment is typically offered in blocks of 12 sessions, in which a therapeutic relationship is formed, goals are established, and symptoms are evaluated and treated. If you believe you are suffering from depression, we can help you cope and recover, through established evidence-based cognitive-behavioural therapeutic techniques.

    Treatment costs vary depending on the number of sessions acquired.

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