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Four Pillars of Health


The psychological pillar of health refers to the health of our mind.  The brain functions to regulate our bodies' behaviour through an extensive network of nerves and hormones.  A reciprocal relationship between the mind and body, called the "Mind-Body Connection," has long been recognized as the way to obtain enduring health and a fulfilling lifestyle.


Unfortunately, many tend to view the mind and body as two separate entities, and their attempts to remedy or cope with internal or external distress generally subscribe to either a purely psychological or physical approach, rather than an integration of the two.





The physical pillar of health refers to our inner environment, which can be strengthened by the types of food that we ingest, how we carry our bodies, and what we do with them. To bolster our physical environment, it is important that we exercise regularly, maintain a healthy body weight, self-nourish with a healthy balanced diet, and obtain adequate rest and relaxation.

The social pillar of health contributes to our overall happiness and well-being, since humans have a strong need to be loved and feel supported.  Having healthy relationships helps to foster physical and mental health, while unhealthy relationships are known to contribute to illness. 


Lastly, strengthening the spiritual pillar of health involves having gratitude

and knowing our inner value in order to recognize our purpose and potential.

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