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Pain is a universal, yet, quite personal experience. It is an invisible torment that cannot be adequately explained to others. Pain can be considered chronic when it persists for over six months.  Chronic pain can be mild or excruciating, intermittent or constant, completely disabling or merely an inconvenience to your lifestyle. It can originate after injury, trauma, or neurological damage, but can also arise in the absence of any bodily damage.  When pain becomes chronic, pain signals in the nervous system remain active for months or years.  Common chronic pain symptoms include lower back pain, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and localized pain affecting the neck, shoulders, or pelvis.

Chronic Pain Assistance - Initial Assessment

  • The initial assessment is a brief, structured clinical interview that allows us to gather important information necessary to develop your treatment plan.  You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase.  

    Chronic pain can take a grave toll on one’s emotional health and well-being, leading to depression, anger, and anxiety, especially since our ability to cope with pain seems to diminish over time. Depression is by far the most common emotion associated with chronic back pain. Pain often impacts one’s sleep patterns, resulting in excessive fatigue, low mood, and frustration and irritability. Pain-related restrictions typically lead to social isolation and a lack of enjoyable activities, which further detracts from one’s level of recreation, joy, and quality of life. Stress and mood problems interact in complex ways with chronic pain, which can lead to a vicious cycle, called Somatic Symptom Disorder.

    Because the mind and body are interconnected, treatment for chronic pain requires tools that address both the psychological and physical aspects of the condition. At Sayu, we offer the psychological means to learn how to manage or reduce pain more effectively. If pain is a barrier that affects your ability to enjoy life, or interferes with sleep, a well-balanced mood, social activities, or ability to work, this program will be beneficial for you. We offer a comprehensive pain management program with the goal of learning how to cope with pain and become more physically and psychologically active.

    Consultations with our fitness professionals, physicians, nutritionists, registered dieticians, and naturopathic doctors are readily available to you.

    Costs vary depending on the number of treatment sessions acquired. 

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