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Anger is a natural emotion, but uncontrolled, anger can damage your mental and physical health, and be lethal to relationships, employment, life successes, as well as one’s overall happiness and well-being. Though it may seem as though anger is automatic, anger is actually an emotional reaction that can be changed, like any other. The key is to become conscious of the tendency to react, and to choose to act differently.

Anger Management - Initial Assessment

SKU: 0008
  • The initial assessment is a brief, structured clinical interview that allows us to gather important information necessary to develop your treatment plan and/or offer recommendations. You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase. 

    Sayu assists in gaining insight into the underlying causes for an individual's anger, learning techniques to cope with irritability and frustration, and practicing more appropriate ways to express emotion. Through anger management therapy, discover the power to eliminate unwanted, aggressive reactions and to replace them with more productive responses. Learn to gain control of your emotions, and ultimately, your life.

    Programs are typically offered in eight-session segments.  However, prices vary depending on the number of sessions purchased. 

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